Are you Face-Linked or Booked In?

Social Media.... love it or hate it, it is here to stay.

Lately we are seeing a blurring of the boundaries between the traditional channels. This morning on LinkedIn I saw and commented on a photo of a young lady, approx 18/19, who was asking to be 'rated' a-la Tinder (other dating apps available).

Some thought it a wind-up or Social experiment..... if you checked her connections there were a number of similar aged young people. Linkedin - a new play area?

Yet the softening of LinkedIn is a good thing in my view as humour is a vital part of professional relationship networking. Friends (Here we call them contacts) like Pete Kelsall and Amanda Martins make me smile daily. Other friends, like Jim Reid, Elaine McAnuff and Nicola K Smith, embrace it whilst remain professional. (Not saying you don't make me smile J, E and N!!) So where do you draw the Line?

My advice is, if you don't like it then BLOCK it.

Don't waste time and energy you could be using to grow your relationships on getting irate and proclaiming 'THIS ISN'T FACEBOOK'!

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