Our vision is to provide Business Development, Training and Coaching, Marketing and Digital solutions for business including Bespoke Whiteboard Animations and Website Development.

We are not your typical ‘marketing’ business in that we approach every brief from a real world and practical point of view. The Business HAS to be at the heart of any message, campaign or proposition. If the message is not going to connect with the prospective customer base then it is a waste of resources.

Stephen A Johnstone, MD PH7 Anything But Neutral Ltd

We bring practical skills and experience to your business to develop your brand, its presence and authority.

PH7 Anything But Neutral, making your great business greater!

Our Website: www.ph7Zone.com

PH7 Core Competencies:

Business Development

Business Analysis

Training, Development and Coaching


  • Brand Development
  • Digital Presence
  • Social Media
  • Establishing Business Authority


  • Door to Door
  • Telephone Call Centre – Cold Calling
  • eMailer
  • Area Analysis technique to identify likely prospects and design campaigns

Sales Training

  • Sales Process Psychology
  • Meeting the Customer
  • Setting the Agenda
  • Managing the Process
  • Trial Close
  • Objection Handling
  • Closing
  • After Sales

Website Design, Development, Hosting

  • Fully Responsive and Bespoke Developments - No Fixed Templates HERE!!
  • Prices to suit every budget, fully scaleable and additional 'modules' (e.g. eCommerce etc) can be added later as your business grows
  • Your Intellectual Property
  • Transferable to another Host
  • No Tie In’s
  • No Hidden or Additional Costs

Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Dreamweaver
  • Final Cut Pro
  • (We use the full CC Suite)

Digital Photography

Digital Videography – up to 4k Standard

Current Customers with example Media:

Current Customers In Progress:

  • Paula Mclaren – Forever Living Products – New Branding and Website Development (Passed Stage 2 Approval)
  • A International PLC in the Electrical Manufacturing Sector – (Confidential Disclosure Agreement in Place) – Regional Product Marketing
  • A National Automotive Events Company (Confidential Disclosure Agreement in Place) – New Sale Event Development, Marketing, Installation and Consultation
  • A Regional Automotive Multi Brand Company (Confidential Disclosure Agreement in Place) – Day Rate Business Development Consultation and Coaching

Media Partnership with Barrett Steel Racing – Thundersport GB

PH7 Team and Experience

Stephen A Johnstone, 21, Managing Director. 5 Years Sales and Marketing Experience in Retail, Telephony, IT and Automotive before starting PH7 in 2016

  • Creative Works, Photography, Videography, Website Development, Social Media and Whiteboard Animation

Ian A Johnstone, 47, Operations Director. 31 years experience in business development including Military, Police, Aviation, Automotive, Charity Sector, Retail, Garage Services

  • MSc in Information Systems Project Management
  • PGCE (Human Resource Development) – Workplace Training, Development and Coaching
  • PGCE (Post Compulsory Education and Training Sector) – Qualified Teaching Qualification
  • PRINCE2 and MSP Practitioner – Project Management
  • Business to Business Sales, Marketing, Digital Media for the Automotive Industry (Multi Brand Main Dealership Groups)
  • PH7 – Business Development Consultant, Brand Awareness and Development, Consultancy and Coaching, Message and Campaign Generation, Digital and Social Media Lead, Website Development, Presentations and Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation / Digital Marketing

Hygienic IT

Hygienic IT is a specialist 'cleaning' Company. I use the word 'cleaning' reservedly as this is a technical sanitisation process using professionally trained and insured hygienists.

This project is to provide them with marketing support and to generate media by which they can advertise the benefits of their company to potential clients.

This presentation has been extremely well received and has generated new contracts for Hygienic IT.