The Value of Customer Relations and Feedback

I was delighted to receive the following feedback on LinkedIn:

Since going full steam ahead with the start up of my practice, I met a contact on here whom at first, when he offered to help, I thought was trying some kind of sales pitch. How wrong I was. The advice, expertise and support that Ian A Johnstone (L.I.O.N) has shown, both in his business knowledge and that of digital marketing/social media has been invaluable. He's just putting my website together, but his previous work speaks for itself. I would recommend him to any of you should you wish to make a contact who can bring value to not only your business, but your mind.

Link to LinkedIn Post

Remember it is the RELATIONSHIP that is way more important than the TRANSACTION if you want to gain the trust of your clients and customers. This sort of testimony is so important as you seek to grow your own business.


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